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The combination of image and sound has always been an effective recipe for marketing success. Presented in this way, the content catches the customer’s attention in an extremely attractive way. Bank on the visibility and recognisability of your materials through their professional display.

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Video marketing with SEMPAI

We are one of the few agencies in Poland to have been invited to join the elite premium agency programme - YouTube Guru. Based on our knowledge backed by extensive practice, we will carry out campaigns on the most popular channels for sharing and streaming videos, such as YouTube and Facebook, but also on others - according to your needs. In this way, we will turn our creative activities into tangible results.

YouTube and Facebook offer great advertising opportunities, including in terms of campaign types and targeting methods. We will harness the potential of both channels and select those activities that will make a real difference to implementing your business objectives.

Depending on the service you opt for, we will use the following types of video campaigns:

Types of video campaigns

Promotion of products and services

Brand building

and presence

Youtube (Google Ads, Partner websites)

Bumper Ads (6s)



In-Stream non-negible (15s)





TrueView For Action



TrueView For Shopping


TrueView For Discovery




Facebook Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network)



Facebook Watch








Rewarded Video




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We offer a comprehensive video marketing service on most video sharing platforms. Ask us about:

  • video activities using other formats and advertising networks::
    – YouTube Masthead (Reserving space on the YT homepage),
    – D&V360 (Display & Video Ads within the Google Marketing Platform),
    – LinkedIn (Video Ads within LinkedIn Ads),
    – many others.
  • preparation of advertising products and videos:
    both for sporadic actions and a long-term strategy.
  • running a YouTube channel:
    creation, configuration, description and tagging of videos, creation of playlists, etc.
  • whatever you want 🙂

Video marketing for e-commerce

If you care about:

  • creating and increasing demand for your products or services,
  • quickly reaching the right audiences,
  • strengthening sales activities,
  • breaking through in competitive or niche industries,
  • the effective conduct of seasonal campaigns,
  • brick-and-mortal point promotions.

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We offer you video marketing specifically aimed at promoting products and services. We dedicate it in particular to online shops as part of effective sales support, service providers to acquire leads and promote products/services, as well as companies with brick-and-mortar outlets.

As a result, you gain:

  • increasing conversion rates and sales volumes,
  • precisely reaching large target groups with your message,
  • low cost of reaching users,
  • more interaction and visits to your website or YouTube channel,
  • attractive remarketing lists,
  • views of your videos also on Instagram, Messenger and Facebook's Audience Network.

Video brand marketing

Video marketing focused on brand building and presence is aimed at those who care about:

  • building brand awareness and recognition,
  • low-cost of reaching a wide audience,
  • creating and increasing demand for products and services,
  • a steady stream of new users,
  • measurability of viewership and interaction with advertising,
  • ongoing control of the budget and achievement of target indicators

We will conduct video marketing for your company through and through. We will carry out campaigns on the most popular channels for sharing and streaming videos, such as Youtube or Facebook, but also on others - as required.

As part of our brand building and presence service, we will prepare for you:

  • a strategy tailored to the industry you represent,
  • projects, which we will confront with your needs and objectives,
  • materials that will be aligned with advertising efforts on YouTube and Facebook,
  • relevant campaign types in both channels,
  • configured and continuously optimised campaigns,
  • analysis of the data in the context of achieving the stated objectives and indicators,
  • regular reports on the activities carried out.

What do you gain from video campaigns on YouTube and Facebook? A whole bunch of possibilities, and above all:

  • huge reach (26 million devices in Poland use YouTube) while controlling the frequency of advertising,
  • an increase in brand/product enquiries about your business and visits to your website,
  • the ability to measure brand awareness through extensive reach,
  • attractive remarketing lists,
  • configured and continuously optimised campaigns,
  • more likes and followers,
  • expert brand image and social proof in the form of comments from engaged users.

Production of advertising videos

We will run your YouTube video campaign from A to Z - including the creation of your advertising videos. The realisation of the video is no longer an insurmountable barrier to exploiting the advertising potential of YouTube, because with our service - the whole process is relatively short and affordable.

Videos from the template gallery

Enjoy the potential of filmmaking, using advanced templates. Use existing materials, such as photos or videos, and give them pizzazz. This format is ideal for periodic promotions, showcasing product benefits or presenting an online shop or other IT solution. It is characterised by its very affordable price.

How does it work?

  • You select a video template from the gallery
  • You prepare the materials indicated in the technical requirements of the template
  • You send the order
  • After 3 - 5 days your film is ready!

Designing a customised template

You know you'll need videos on a regular basis but at the same time want a template that is individual, unique and tailored perfectly for your business? We've got it! We will design a template that represents you and only you!

How does it work?

  • You order the design of an individual template
  • Fill in a form or arrange an online interview with a designer to determine your vision
  • You receive a quote for the job
  • You send the necessary materials indicated in the order
  • You receive the first version of your template
  • You send comments or accept the project
  • You get a second or final version
  • You benefit from a customised design

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Realisation of videos to fill in the template

While existing video and photo content works well with most templates, the more advanced ones require material created specifically for this project. You can deliver them yourself, or if you don't have that option leave it to us!

Our collaboration is flexible, we can provide a complete shooting service including actors, makeup, costumes and set design or limit ourselves to recording only your own prepared set.

The realisation is handled by a team of professionals working with professional equipment. They take care of the technical and aesthetic qualities of the project. There will be a director on set to direct the project, but it is up to you to decide on key elements, such as the choice of products for the film, the choice of actors and their costumes.

How does it work?

  • You choose a template
  • You order the production of video material
  • You arrange an in-house or online interview with a representative
  • You determine the scope of cooperation
  • You receive a quote
  • You set the shooting schedule
  • You get a visualisation of the shots
  • You prepare the necessary materials indicated at the interview
  • You are viewing recorded material on set
  • After 3 to 5 days, you receive the edited film

Why is worth it?

  • Advertising creations that draw attention
  • A multitude of formats and possibilities
  • Guarantee of quality and delivery times
  • Competitive prices

Our sample projects:

Glossary of video marketing:

Bumper Ads - interruption ads on Youtube - This is a short form of media, the maximum length of the video is 6 seconds, so it is ideal for mobile. They are characterised by low campaign costs. They are an ideal complement to other activities (they can be used as a reminder of an ongoing campaign, among other things).

In-stream - This is a longer form of communication. You only pay if the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video ad or interacts with it. The user has the option to skip after 5 seconds, for which you will not pay.

TrueView For Action - This is the most performance-driven type of campaign on YouTube. It allows you to add a contact form, has a highly visible CTA that redirects to any landing page.

TrueView For Shopping - With its help, you can promote best-selling products on YouTube. This allows you to shorten the purchase path to selected products - e.g. a video review of a new bike, a redirect to a feed. It is a rarely used format, which is an asset.

Facebook Watch - This is a dedicated place on Facebook (both desktop and mobile) where all video content goes. The advertisement is played between unpromoted films.

Feed - Facebook, Instagram - Thanks to the possibility of attaching a link to the video and selecting an appropriate campaign target, you will effectively increase your website traffic with the help of this campaign. Videos tailored for this purpose have a significantly higher click-through rate (CTR) and a lower CPC than static banners.

Stories - Facebook, Instagram, Messenger - Advertising displays in Stories on all three available platforms. It is characterised by potentially the greatest reach and the lowest reach cost.

Marketplace - Provides an ideal combination of image and typical sales activities. You attach products from the product feed to the video in a special format - a collection. This format is only available on a mobile device

Non-skippable in-stream - ads under 15 seconds on Youtube - These are recommended for commercials where it is worthwhile for the user to read the entire message. This is the perfect form to develop a longer story.

TrueView Discovery - YouTube channel promotion - Gaining engagement such as likes, subscriptions, comments, video shares, adding to playlist. Display: contextual in the YouTube search engine; in the suggested section, which is the most clicked section on the YouTube platform; on the YouTube homepage on mobile.

Outstream - Going additionally beyond YouTube, but still in the area of the Google Ads system. Ideal for building brand awareness and increasing reach. Video that captures the viewer's attention even without sound - link

Rewarded Video - Audience Network - Advertising is displayed in games or mobile apps belonging to Facebook's partner network. This type of advertising significantly expands the potential reach. You can exclude applications in which you do not want to be displayed.

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