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Fast, effective and measurable. Do you want users interested in your products and services to find you and not your competitors? Entrust the running of your Google Ads campaign to our SEM Agency. We are in the elite group of Google Partner Premier agencies, a testament to the superior quality of our services.

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Google Ads campaigns at SEMPAI Agency - what makes us stand out?

We are a certified Premier Partner of Google ADS. The certificate guarantees knowledge of the system's current capabilities as well as the specifics and trends of successful campaigning and optimisation. Thanks to the certification - we can offer companies who have not yet used the Google ADS programme a free, PLN1200 worth voucher for their first campaign, for a good start.

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Why pay for campaign management?

Google ADS allows you to create and manage a campaign yourself. Thanks to extensive experience and knowledge of advanced tools - we are able to do this faster and much more efficiently than inexperienced users.

In addition:

we know and understand the quality score mechanism, which allows you to achieve higher search engine rankings and pay for each click less than your competitors through ad and keyword optimisation;

we are familiar with the specifics of launching a campaign in the Google ADS system, which in the face of strong competition, including in the e-commerce sector, requires such a selection of words and key phrases, and manoeuvring of the offered rates per click so as not to overpay while at the same time preventing competitors from marginalising the site;

we are aware of the role of account history in the calculation of the quality score, and so we will not allow ourselves any unconsidered attempts and actions that can effectively "spoil" the account and reduce the chance of future successful competition with other advertisers;

we consistently optimise the campaign according to the chosen strategy, constantly analysing and taking into account indicators from Google Analytics statistics. On an ongoing basis, we eliminate the weakest ads and phrases and keywords, shifting resources to those that carry the most valuable traffic.

When is it worth using a Google Ads campaign?

A Google Ads campaign is the ideal form of advertising if you want to gain valuable traffic. It works well across a wide range of industries and is almost unrivalled in promoting a business.

Advantages of Google Ads campaigns:

  • short waiting time for tangible results;
  • guaranteed ad impression (as long as it complies with Google's terms and conditions);
  • the ability to differentiate the message by profile;
  • precise targeting of advertising;
  • does not require interference with the website structure.

When is the best moment to use a Google Ads campaign? Here, the short answer is: always, and especially in several cases:

google ads elements 1
  • Setting up a new online shop or other business:
    Use Google Ads as a keyword tester (so you can see which phrases have the most potential) and as a sales aid for your products and services.
  • Special actions:
    Sales campaigns on the occasion of, for example, holidays, the launch of a new service, a new collection, discount actions. This way, you will quickly build your reach and attract customers.
  • Creating a new website:
    It will take some time to position a new website in Google search, and paid Google Ads will immediately increase the number of hits.
  • One page websites:
    One page is, for example, a company's business card. It would be difficult to position it in organic results due to the small amount of content. Paid advertising within Google Ads is an ideal solution.
  • Landing pages
    Their aim is to acquire leads (email addresses) or sales while offering something in return, such as a webinar, training, educational material in the form of an ebook, podcast, report or infographic. The same situation occurs here as with one-page websites - SEO does not work, but Google Ads does.
  • Meeting short-term goals:
    Google Ads are ideal for seasonal products when you want to multiply sales, acquire a certain number of leads and increase traffic to your website at a specific time (not only during the peak season, but also outside of it).
  • Testing start-ups:
    Google Ads makes it possible to verify quickly and with a relatively low budget whether a start-up or a particular business model is attractive to customers and is likely to develop, whether there is demand for the chosen product or service.
  • Strengthening your position over your competitors:
    Google allows you to advertise on your competitors' branded words, highlighting the benefits of your own product or service. The benefit can be free shipping, for example, regardless of the value of the order.

7 goals for Google Ads campaigns

Every marketing activity, including a Google Ads campaign, has a specific goal. It should be measurable and quantifiable, allowing progress to be fully monitored, documented and checked.

And so you can set up your Google Ads campaign with the following objectives in mind:

7 goals google ads
zwiększenie ruchu w witrynie

getting the right people to visit a website, make a purchase from an online shop, use a service, fill in a form or sign up to an inbox;

zwiększenie sprzedaży

sales: increase sales in different fields, i.e. online, in the app, on the phone or in a brick-and-mortar shop;

pozyskiwanie nowych Klientów

getting contacts, for example by filling in a form, signing up to an address box;

rozważanie zakupu

considering a purchase of a brand's product: encouraging people to find out more about the offer;

budowanie świadomości i zasięgu

brand awareness and reach: reaching a wide audience

promowanie aplikacji

promoting the app: increasing app downloads and interactions;

odwiedziny w sklepie stacjonarnym

encourage customers to come to a brick-and-mortar shop or company headquarters

Types of campaigns in Google Ads

Now that you know what Google Ads is, when it's worth investing in it and what its purpose is, we can move on to discuss the types of campaigns run not only on Google itself, but also elsewhere on the broadly understood internet.

Kampanie Google Ads w sieci wyszukiwania

Google Ads campaigns in the search network (Search):

It is text advertising that reaches a precisely defined audience. A potential customer sees it at the exact moment he or she is looking for a particular product or service. It is worth considering here to display for keywords with several degrees of detail, bearing in mind that users are at different stages of the purchase funnel. It is therefore essential to act thoughtfully and match the key phrases to the objective of the advertising campaigns.

Kampanie Google Ads w sieci reklamowej

Google Ads campaigns in the advertising network (Display):

The Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to reach a wide audience based on tracking instruments in the form of 'cookies'. Unlike other systems, Google does not have declarative data, but only predictive and grouped data based on the user's online behaviour (user = browser).

GDN groups these users in many different ways:

  • Demographically (gender, age, parental status, marital status)
  • By interests and habits (groups at a high level of the purchase funnel), e.g.: DIY enthusiasts, action movie lovers, basketball fans
  • After 'purchase' activity (groups at lower levels of the funnel), e.g.: microwave ovens, accounting software, flowers
  • After life events, e.g.: people setting up a business, buying a house, planning a wedding

Additional groupings can be created on their own based on several segments:

  • Remarketing - we reach people who have been on your website and performed an action of interest to you (visiting a subpage, abandoning a shopping cart)
  • Searched terms - we reach people who have searched for the search terms you specified on Google
  • Search terms - we reach out to people who are potentially interested in the search terms you have specified
  • Customer match - we reach the people in your email database

We can also reach the right people by not declaring a target group top-down, but by focusing on places they may visit/visit. Google gives you the option of narrowing down your landing pages to specific topics (mobile payments, audiobooks, antiques) or single domains that you specify.

Utilise a variety of creations

By reaching the right person, you want to reach the right message/creation/communication. Google's advertising network offers:

  • Text creations
  • Flexible graphic creations
  • Static graphic creations
  • Dynamic graphic creations
  • Video creations

Where will the adverts appear?

GDN's advertising network includes:

  • Websites
  • Applications in android
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
Kampanie wideo - YouTube

Google Ads video campaigns (YouTube):

Video advertising are short videos, usually between 6 and 30 seconds long, displayed on YouTube, which is visited by millions of users every day.

Kampanie remarketing

Google Ads remarketing campaigns:

Remarketing is the best - and effective - way to display advertising that encourages customers interested in a product or service to return to our website. Here, the key is that you can target adverts, primarily display adverts, to people who know you, have come to your landing page and have already bought something or are still thinking considering it.

Kampanie produktowe (PLA)

Google Product Listing Ads campaigns (PLAs):

Google Shopping, on the other hand, makes it possible to present a product in an attractive and inviting form directly on Google's search engine. Importantly, the creation of product campaigns is only possible for online shops. It gives great results and helps to find new customers.

Kampania Performance Max

The Performance Max campaign:

A new type of campaign based on self-learning algorithms, allowing you to gain valuable customers drawn to your website by targeting them with relevant advertising at an optimal rate. Ads display across the entire Google ecosystem, i.e. the search network, the ad network, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps and Google Discover cards.

In 2022, Performance Max campaigns will be joined by the current Smart Shopping Campaigns SSC and local Google Ads campaigns, which benefit, for example, shops, restaurants and hotels.

Kampania Discovery

Discovery campaign

A modern and multimedia campaign based on artificial intelligence, based on users' online behaviour, interests and searches. A specific group of adverts is displayed in three places, namely YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover cards. The campaign encourages customers to take action by scrolling full-screen ads.

Google Ads extensions

That's not all. In our experience, every Google Ads search ad should be extended to include a phone number, a map and customer reviews or sponsored links to selected pages. You can also include other important information for potential customers, such as free delivery or competitive discounts.

Google Ads extensions - of which there are indeed many - make the ad text take up visually more space. There is therefore a greater chance that it will be noticed in Google search results and that the user will take an interest in it, click on it and go to your website. Take advantage of display extensions especially on mobile devices, as you may find that your ad will be displayed on a significant part of the screen and therefore difficult to miss.

Importantly, extensions within a Google Ads campaign cost nothing, and if a user clicks on an extension, you as the advertiser still pay the same as if they had clicked on the headline. Thus, you manage your budget more effectively, you have a chance to gain an advantage over the competition and achieve better results.

Page position in Google Ads

The position in the search results depends on a number of factors, and this applies not only to organic results but also to Google ads. The algorithms check, among other things, the context of the search, the user's location, but also the ranking of the ad, the amount of the bid for the ad, the quality of the ad, competitiveness as well as possible extensions and the quality of the landing page.

Rely on the expertise of Google Ads campaign specialists who know how to set the parameters to display your ad at the right time and in the right place.

Google Ads: e-commerce and lead generation

As we mentioned above - the spectrum of possibilities that Google ADS offers can be used to achieve multiple goals. Based on our extensive experience, we know exactly how to use the various tools and campaign types in effective lead generation and for the success of your e-commerce.

How do we do it?

Search network campaigns


  • We prioritise the segments with the greatest sales potential,
  • we then focus on a higher level of the sales funnel and select and group relevant keywords
  • we set specific, measurable objectives and, based on these, we select rate-setting strategies
  • we ensure that the content of ads and landing pages is matched to the keywords, which is reflected in Google's "Quality Score".
  • we monitor and analyse the progress of campaigns to assess their impact on your business development

DSA (dynamic search advertising)

These gain additional reach for your campaigns by displaying on previously unused keywords. This solution is especially dedicated to e-shops where there is a frequent rotation of the assortment. It is also ideal for industries where keywords are hard to define precisely.

Shopping campaigns

This is by far the most effective sales generation tool for online shops, allowing product features (image, price, name) to be shown directly in the search results.

  • We base the campaign architecture on the sales funnel concept. In doing so, we focus on users with the highest probability of making a purchase decision, which visibly translates into the effectiveness of the carried-out activities.
  • The basis is a well-structured product feed.
  • effective outreach is reinforced by precise segmentation not only of keywords, but also of products

Campaigns in the advertising network


We will make sure that we maintain contact with your existing customers so that the next product they buy is from you!

In remarketing, we build advanced remarketing lists based on data collected by Google ADS and Google Analytics. This allows us to reach specific user groups with a personalised message.

Dynamic Remarketing

We use dynamic remarketing in our operations, which is based on product feeds. Thanks to this solution, we will show users exactly the products that they have previously viewed on your website.

Awareness campaigns

When preparing the strategy for 'branding' activities in the GDN advertising network, we analyse the audience group in detail, building a persona based on already generated website traffic (e.g. using the Google Analytics tool) and an analysis of the offer.

We select the objectives of awareness activities based on the brief and consultation with the client - they will be different depending on whether you are primarily concerned with displays, reaching unique users or micro-conversions.

Discovery / Demand generation

It is the perfect complement to both performance-oriented and awareness-raising activities. Reaching out to the user across three Google products: YouTube, Gmail and Discover, does a very good job of generating conversions and, combined with its huge reach, is an interesting channel for creating needs and awareness of the product/service and brand.

Sempai Merchant 360

We use our proprietary solution, which is an enhanced ecosystem for PLA ads on Google. It is a comprehensive service that provides an edge in key campaign elements. Its main advantages are the automation and ease of control of campaigns based on machine learning.

Video marketing on Youtube: promoting products

84% of users say they were persuaded to buy a product or service by watching a brand video (Hubspot)

This is why we often also include YouTube video marketing activities in our Google Ads 360 strategy for e-commerce. Youtube offers many types of advertising campaigns, so - depending on your needs and resources - we select the most suitable ones for your business.

The benefits you will gain from a video campaign on YouTube:

  • You will precisely reach your target group with your message, including your audience lists from Google Ads,
  • You will increase the viewership of your YouTube channel videos,
  • You will gain interactions and visits to your website,
  • You will increase the number of conversions and the sales volume of your products and services,
  • You will build attractive remarketing lists for Google Ads.

Why us?

  • As a Google Premier Partner Agency, we specialise in online shop conversion marketing.
  • We are among the 2% of agencies in Poland that were the first to be awarded Google Premier Partner status.
  • Regardless of the formal duration included in the original contract, more than 95% of partners extend their partnership with us indefinitely afterwards.
  • We rely on advanced data-driven technologies to enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage in search.
  • We are fully transparent - you will receive detailed and comprehensive reports on our activities for your e-commerce.

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Effective advertising on Google Ads - what is the cost?

You can start or pause Google Ads at any time. They are also freely configurable and the budget can be adjusted - there is no minimum or maximum amount here. The cost of the campaign is billed to Google on a monthly basis (VAT invoice), with the billing model to be agreed in advance. You either pay in advance or by attaching a card from which funds are automatically withdrawn after a specific amount has been spent.

One form of payment is the Pay Per Click model, and the effectiveness factor of an ad is expressed as the ratio of the cost of broadcasting a particular ad content to the number of clicks on it - Cost Per Click. The cost of single clicks varies widely depending on, among other things, the competitiveness of the phrase and the position of the ad in the section and ranges from a few pennies to several zlotys. This means that you pay for each click on your ad and not just for displaying it (in the CPM model, Cost Per Mille).

In some campaigns, you can also set up a CPA model, which is billing per share acquisition (subject to certain conditions), and ROAS, in which you expect to recoup the cost of the ad by maximising conversions, although you still incur a charge per click.

The cost of handling Google Ads campaigns by an SEM agency is determined on an individual basis. This includes not only the service itself, but also the development of a strategy, analysis of keywords, audience and all indicators, as well as the creation of advertising messages and text ad content. Importantly, this is not a one-off activity, as Google Ads campaigns require constant daily monitoring

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