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W Sempai mocno wierzymy w to, że tylko ciągły rozwój gwarantuje sukces.


In Sempai we strongly believe that only constant development guarantees a success.

Sempai from Japanese means someone superior, or an older friend. It is not a coincidence that we have chosen this word for a name of our agency. Work in fields such as web positioning, campaigns in search engines, performing audits or web optimizing requires constant improvement, broadening your skills, as well as patience and cooperation.

Our adventure with marketing in search engines began over 11 years ago. At the beginning our team consisted of only 2 people offering services of performance marketing. Over a decade the team grew to several dozen of specialists, working in three branches in the country: Białystok, Kraków and Częstochowa.

We manage more than 300 accounts in Google ADS. We run high performance campaigns, mostly for the customers from highly competitive segment of e-commerce.

We aim at building long-term relations. Our experience has taught us that it is always the most profitable for both parties. Customers gain bigger profits from their online sales thanks to long-term and consequent optimization, and we get the possibility of testing and drawing conclusions, which also translates into the growth of our effectiveness in all work we do.
It really works.

Even 90% of our customers continue their campaigns after the end of initial agreement, prolonging our cooperation for an indefinite period.

Thanks to services offered by Sempai you can:

skutecznie znaleźć się na pierwszych miejscach listy wyników w wyszukiwarce Google

successfully reach the top position in search results in Google search engine

zrealizować efektywną kampanię w Google Adwords

run an effective campaign in Google ADS

zrealizować efektywną kampanię w Google Adwords

improve your website so that it’s more useful and effective

zrealizować efektywną kampanię w Google Adwords

optimize your website structure and content and make it more search engine-friendly

zrealizować efektywną kampanię w Google Adwords

run a campaign in contextual networks, acquiring new customers interested in your products

zrealizować efektywną kampanię w Google Adwords

reach the mobile phone users exactly when needed