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Analytics & optimisation

Sound business decisions are those made based on data. With web analytics, you will find out what marketing activities are most profitable for you and what still needs to be optimised. We will make it easier for you to manage the data related to your service, which will allow you to take full advantage of its potential.

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Why should you entrust us with your website analytics and optimisation?

You will receive comprehensive support - not just a document with guidelines without a word of comment. We can explain our guidelines via video conference or arrange training at your company

Our specialists are individually certified in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

We have an in-house IT department, thanks to which we are able to implement even the most advanced analytical solutions

Insight into over 1,000 accounts allowed us to accurately diagnose repeated errors and deficiencies, which we turned into concrete solutions

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DIgital analytics

Analyse and make data-driven decisions


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Conversion rate optimisation

Convert existing site traffic into more business


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Marketing automation

Respond to customer needs in real time


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Case studies

This is no joke! We started activities on April 1 and after 4 months recorded a 2.5-fold increase in revenues from Microsoft Ads!

We have been cooperating with Microsoft Advertising as a Channel Partner for another year and we are convinced that our partnership is the beginning o...

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Your campaigns will no longer be like diamonds in the rough. case study

Marko is a Polish jewellery shop. It offers a very wide range of products, from gold and silver jewellery to devotional items and watches. Their uniqu...

It’s not magic! How the bookstore discovered the power of Microsoft Advertising thanks to Sempai

Is it worth looking for new advertising channels on the Internet? Always! We started with this assumption by establishing a partnership with Microsoft...