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Advanced PLA campaigns for e-commerce Grow your business with a comprehensive sales campaign optimisation tool! It is a combination of machine learning and human intelligence that will give you a competitive edge in search engine.

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Advanced product campaigns for e-commerce!

Have you ever wondered why some online stores quickly become leaders in the e-commerce in their industries …

while others are struggling to break through?

The key to success is the data - its obtaining and effective use in online advertising, including the most effective for the e-commerce: Google Ads product campaigns!

For over 15 years we have been helping businesses increase online sales. We know how to win the race for a client in the search engine based on the data. As a result, we have created a technology supporting the effectiveness of product advertising - the Sempai Merchant 360.

Sempai Merchant 360

It's an ever-improving ecosystem for PLA ads on Google and Facebook, which consists in a comprehensive service that provides an edge in key campaign elements. Its main advantages are: automation and facilitation of control over campaigns based on a machine learning specialist.

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Our proprietary solution consists of 3 tools that together significantly increase the effectiveness of product advertising:

The Sempai Inventory Manager

Sempai Inventory Manager is a tool for optimizing the product feed for various sales channels, such as: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Bing, Ceneo and other price comparison engines.
The benefits you receive by using Sempai Inventory Manager in your sales campaigns:

  • You only advertise what is currently in the e-shop
    Sempai Inventory Manager updates your product feed on a daily basis, so that the information in your adverts is always up-to-date - taking into account new products, current prices and availability.
  • You give users exactly what they are looking for
    With Sempai Inventory Manager, we can freely modify the product information contained in the adverts, making users more likely to click on them and, as a result, buy more. SIM makes it possible to add keywords to titles, change descriptions, remove prohibited texts, etc.
  • You promote what sells
    Sempai Inventory Manager enables you to work on selected products from your e-shop. This allows lower exposure for products that sell less well in favour of bestsellers, resulting in lower CPAs and increased campaign performance.

The CSS Sempai Shop

It is a website that groups product offers from e-sellers. At the same time, it allows them to be displayed as product ads on Google, traditionally redirecting clicks directly to the product page of the respective online shop. The benefits we can guarantee through the use of CSS Sempai Shop at PLA:

  • Up to 20% lower CPC rates!
    The click-through fees for ads "by Sempai" are not subject to any additional technological markup, as is the case with other CSS, e.g. Google Shopping.
  • A noticeable increase in the number of impressions and clicks!
    This is due to better exposure of ads in product boxes - at the same or even lower declared CPC rates.

Sempai Merchant

The heart of the Sempai Merchant 360 system is our proprietary tool to support automation in the construction, development and optimization of PLA campaigns.
The benefits we can guarantee by using Sempai Merchant in PLA:

  • The campaign is built automatically based on selected product attributes. An advantage for you is the transparency of the structure, which enables easy analysis of details in both Google Ads and Analytics.
  • The system actively checks, detects and immediately informs about errors in the product feed. This ensures that your campaign does not lose effectiveness even for a moment.
  • Our tool enables conducting and advanced optimization of campaigns based on a sales funnel. You will reach the customers you care about at each stage of their purchasing decision.

(Coming soon) Sempai Search 360

According to a Google study, customers who see simultaneous product text ads and product display ads (PLAs) are 90% more likely to make a purchase.

Therefore, another component, Sempai Search 360, will soon be added to our comprehensive tool for improving the effectiveness of product campaigns by Sempai Merchant 360.

This is a module that creates automatic campaigns in the search network based on search terms in the PLA. This allows us to reach the user with the same message in both PLA and Search, which significantly increases the CTR of the campaign.

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Industry leaders who have already trusted Sempai Merchant 360:

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