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Social media is changing rapidly. Our specialists are keeping an eye out for trends – with their support you can increase sales by advertising where your customers really are. Depending on your needs and the nature of your business, we will develop an action strategy taking into account those social media platforms on which your advertising will be most effective.

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Why trust us?

  • We are a Meta Business Partner agency - this means we are in constant contact with the agency supervisor, which allows us to react quickly to potential issues and to test new products available in beta before they are made available to other advertisers.
  • Your campaign will be led by a certified specialist who will tailor the strategy to projects in your industry.
  • We have a dedicated analytics department to help implement the necessary tracking codes in the development version, making campaigns with a conversion target work more effectively.

Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It is used by more than 2 billion people every month and that is why, whoever your potential audience is - they simply must be there.

What is Facebook Ads?

This is nothing more than paid sponsored content appearing on Meta social networks. They can display in the audience's news feed - on mobile devices or on a computer. They are naturally eye-catching, without annoying flashing banners and pop-ups. They do not trigger the contempt of Facebook users and therefore have a chance of generating genuine interest in the audience of your ad.

How do ads on FB work?

The Facebook campaign developed for you is based on a precisely defined advertising objective. Accordingly, we will suggest the best form of Facebook Ads for you. It can be:

  • Film - standard video and 360° VR.
  • Slideshow - material consisting of several images. Don't let the seemingly outdated form disappoint you. It's still a great way to creatively present your offer.
  • Image - a single graphic with minimal written text. A simple yet effective Facebook campaign!
  • Gallery - many photos and videos collected in an accessible format.
  • Carousel - Carousel advertising is a dynamic presentation of graphic material with the possibility of adding separate headlines and descriptions. Great for catalogue sales.
  • Instant material - an environment tailored to mobile devices. Within this format, audiences can view videos, browse images on a carousel, view products from catalogues, view images with products and click on links to go to your website.

Advertising on FB - price

An important advantage of advertising on Facebook is the flexibility of the budget. The cost can be tailored to your needs and match specific campaigns. Both small companies and large corporations can therefore opt for an advertising campaign in the form of Ads. We also take an individual approach to your requirements and possibilities. Our specialists will offer you the solution that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

What benefits does a Facebook Ads campaign provide?

For advertising to work, it must be personalised, i.e. tailored to the interests and needs of the audience. However, this mythical personalisation does not only apply to communication aimed at consumers. Also, the strategy and objectives of advertising campaigns should be focused on the specific needs of your business. These are bound to change as your business grows. Sempai's specialists will help you along the way - from the basic steps, to the first advertisement, to building brand recognition, to conversions and the formation of a permanent community of fans.

Facebook Ads is more than just Facebook

Meta is not only Facebook, which is well known to all, but also other platforms where your effective Facebook Ads can be displayed. Depending on what purpose you want to achieve, advertising content and commercial information may display on sites such as:





Audience Network

Ads will appear in various tabs, so the chances of the user clicking the link are significantly increased. It can be found, for example, in Facebook news, in the Explore section on Instagram or even in the Messenger inbox. Drawing the recipient to the offer page, landing page or newsletter sign-up form is as much as half the battle in campaign effectiveness and a big step towards improving conversions.

How to achieve business goals through Ads?

It is not the product that is the target of advertising, but the consumer - a claim on which entire marketing ideas and philosophies have been based, boiling down to one question: what do you want to encourage the audience of your ads to do? Do not assume that each of them will immediately become a new customer. It's not a sprint, but a marathon! So brace yourself for the long haul and remember the three stops - or rather, the three goals you can achieve with your adverts, and you'll see how effective they are.

Firstly: Facebook Ads increase brand recognition.

You are certainly familiar with such brands. Coca Cola? Adidas? Toi Toi? When their name is mentioned, no one is in any doubt as to which products are being referred to. In simple terms, we can attribute this to global brand awareness.

Increasing recognition is not winning a popularity contest. Above all, we are committed to building trust and, consequently, establishing a relationship and taking action by the user. Put simply, with Facebook Ads you will expand brand awareness and customers will stay with you for longer while attracting new audiences.

Second: Facebook Ads encourage the search for information

The modern, informed consumer likes to know, search and find out what's behind a company before using its services. Is the presented image true? Does the brand adhere to the ideas it promotes? The greater the consumer's awareness of your company, the more likely they are to take up your offer.

How does this relate to Facebook Ads? Effective Facebook advertising often prompts audiences to search for more information. It makes them remember your company, think about it and form an opinion of it.

How Facebook Ads drive information search:

  • improve traffic,
  • direct users to your website,
  • offer to download the application,
  • encourage activity and, for example, the viewing of your videos,
  • prompt them to leave their contact.

Third: Facebook Ads boost conversions

Clicking on a Facebook ad is not an end in itself. An effective Facebook campaign using Ads is designed to encourage the user to go to your shop page and create an account, put a few things in their basket, visit your business stationary or, ultimately, make a purchase. You will see the impact of marketing activities in social media, among others, in the growth of people interested in your offer and in sales results.

What are the benefits of Facebook advertising campaigns?

Target groups identified on the basis of interests, place of residence or stay, age, job position, marital status and many other factors - a few decades ago, opinion pollsters would not even have dreamt of such precise targeting of advertisements and such possibilities of reaching potential audiences. Then social media was born….

Target potential customers

Facebook users reveal numerous demographics. With a well-thought-out strategy and tailored advertising, you can reach the audience you care about. People who are potentially interested in your company's product or business itself are most likely to see the entire Facebook Ads campaign in their Facebook news feed.

Build an audience and create a brand community

Well, yes, but after all, most consumers would sooner trust other audiences than allow themselves to trust a brand. This is where the social dimension of Facebook comes into play once again.

Advertising content in the social channel does not always work alone. Sometimes it is accompanied by a message about the reaction of other, familiar users. This could be, for example, a comment or a like. Simply put, if you notice that your friend has interacted in some way with a particular fanpage, for example, there is a good chance that you will take an interest in it yourself. This expands the display area and reach of the ad, increases brand recognition and the chance that the message will reach potential audiences. Importantly, an advertising format that encourages activity also increases the chances of creating an ongoing, loyal community. At Sempai, we will therefore offer you campaign handling and such forms of advertising that will make you build a loyal audience around you.

Generating leads through Facebook - advertising is the start of the dialogue!

Encourage newsletter subscriptions, offer discounts, invite to organised events - Facebook
Ads is a great intermediary allowing you to set up a campaign and gain contacts of potential

Acquire remarketing groups

If you have some experience with marketing, you know that as well as attracting new customers, you also need to regain the attention of the audience that knows your brand or even uses your brand. And that's when remarketing comes in. Reach a target group that has already interacted with your business - this is the secret to effective advertising. To find out whether a particular person has visited your page, you need to link your website and Facebook's advertising system in the ad manager. The Facebook Pixel and Conversion API (CAPI) provide you with such opportunities.

The installation of tools of this type also makes it possible to do things such as determine audience groups based on events, e.g. people who have added a product to the basket but have not made a purchase.

Increasing brand reach


Interaction with the brand

Video views

Website traffic


Mobile application installations

Lead generation

Online sales

Offline sales

Why should you choose an agency

At Sempai, we have been involved in Facebook Ads… ever since Ads came into existence! Why should you entrust us with running your Facebook advertising creations?

  • Your campaign will be led by a certified Facebook Ads specialist, who will match advertising objectives to projects in your industry.
  • You will be provided with a dedicated account manager who will act as an intermediary between you and the specialist.
  • Your project will be supervised by an agency supervisor who works at Facebook on a daily basis - a kind of Facebook guardian angel. This will solve potential problems in no time.
  • Before we create a strategy, we will make a deeper analysis of your company's case.
  • As a partner agency for technical implementations on Facebook, we are specialists in eliminating problems related to, for example Facebook pixel.
  • You will get access to training dedicated to our agency's clients and internal webinars to support you in your business. You will learn, for example, about effective export strategies, advertising opportunities on TikTok, etc.
  • We understand the needs of the audience very well, both at the level of communication and expectations. We know what works! We know how to target to generate interest, but not to touch on sensitive or controversial issues.
  • We are fighting the "curse of knowledge" - you don't need a glossary to understand our reports!
  • As a modern Facebook Ads agency, we follow trends, react to changes in the industry and are ready for dynamic changes to make your advertising campaign even more relevant to current conditions.

Sempai clients' Facebook Ads investments over the years:

diagram 2

We base our strategies on the sales funnel

The structure of the advertising campaign we will propose to you fits very well into the sales funnel - we design activities that fulfil its different levels to varying degrees. By doing so, we help you to achieve your goals, i.e. to generate as many sales as possible.

Our suggested strategies:

  • E-commerce (Sales) - this is the strategy we recommend for developed shops, generating more than 1,000 transactions per month. In the campaign layout, we focus on activities that drive sales to both new users and people who have had previous exposure to your brand.
  • E-commerce (Engagement -> Sales) - recommended for shops that generate between 300 and 1,000 transactions per month. The focus is on getting more engagement on the site. We are thus opening ourselves up to a new audience willing to convert.
  • E-commerce (Awareness -> Engagement) - we recommend it for businesses that are just starting up. We focus on increasing brand recognition and then engage the target audience on the website or under the ad.
  • E-commerce (full funnel) - this strategy is aimed at online shops that are already generating sales via social media and would like to scale them up successively. In this model we work on: sales, outreach and engagement.
  • B2B (Lead Generation) - we dedicate this to companies operating in the Business to Business model. We prepare a structure for acquiring leads: via a website, via a Facebook/Instagram form or via a message on Messenger.
  • B2B (full funnel) - this is the solution for companies that want to grow comprehensively and gain market leadership. We create a structure to generate leads, but also to inform users about a product or service or to educate.

Linkedin Ads B2B

Linkedin is a social network with more than 4 million users in Poland, and this number is constantly growing. It is a medium that has not yet been exploited by advertisers - so it has less advertising hype than other social networks. Target advertising to very precise groups, including - a wide range of professionals.

LinkedIn Ads is for you if:

  • You run an online shop and have more to offer than retail sales to individual customers,
  • Looking for new business partners,
  • You own a wholesaler/distributor and are looking for new customers,
  • Provide services heavy on advertising in other advertising spaces,
  • You would like to acquire new leads,
  • You would like to intensify your advertising efforts in a medium that is not saturated
    with advertising,
  • You want to target a precisely customised audience.

Goals of advertising campaigns on Linkedin

Linkedin will help you achieve the following goals for your e-business, designed around your sales funnel:


  • Brand awareness


  • Site Visits
  • Interactions
  • Video views


  • Generation of potential customers
  • Site conversions
  • Job applicants

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Advertising formats on Linkedin

On Linkedin, you have several types of advertising formats to choose from, differing in design, billing model or placement, among other things, namely:


  • Advertising with a single image that is displayed as a sponsored post.
  • A carousel of image adverts, which can use between 2 and 10 images in rotation and is also displayed as a post in the news feed.
  • Video advertising that is displayed in the information channel.

Text Ads

  • Text advertising - displayed in the right-hand column or at the top of the page.


  • Dynamic advertising is created based on profile information. Personalised adverts use the data entered on the profile, such as a photo, job title or company name. These formats can be used to:

    - gain new page followers on Linkedin,
    - target an external landing page - Spotlight advertising
    - send a job offer

LinkedIn Ads campaign - types of management

Linkedin offers very precise methods of targeting ads to users. With our messages we can reach a maximum of over 645 million people from 200 countries around the world and speaking a total of 24 languages!

In terms of unique ad targeting opportunities, these include:

  • Targeting by audience attributes, such as:
    - Company (industries, company contacts, company names, company watchers, company size),
    - Demographics
    - Education,
    - Proffessional experience (functions held, years of experience, positions in the hierarchy, type of position, skills)
    - Interests and personality,
  • Targeting matched audiences:
    - Website recipients,
    - Submitted lists - you can submit e.g. email addresses, company names or websites,
    - Dedicated recipient lists.
  • Remarketing
    - Implementing the LinkedIn Insight Tag is essential for this. The ability to target adverts to visitors to a specific sub-page or those pursuing another advertiser-tracked objective.

TikTok Ads

This fast-growing platform, popular especially with younger generations, has huge marketing potential. Advertising on Tiktok is a novelty that continues to gain popularity. Don't wait - get ahead of the competition and make your brand visible to its users.

If you care about:

  • creating and increasing demand for your products or services,
  • quickly reaching the right audiences,
  • strengthening sales activities,
  • breaking through in competitive or niche industries,
  • the effective conduct of seasonal campaigns,
  • brick-and-mortar shops promotion

then TikTok Ads is for you!

TikTok is a social platform growing at a dizzying pace! With 1.5 billion monthly active users and extensive advertising opportunities, its potential is worth exploiting.

This means that in order to grow your business, stand out from the competition and reach new people who are ready to buy online - it is worth incorporating this trend into your company's marketing strategy.

Find out more about TikTok Ads and how we at Sempai can help you make your mark with this advertising system!

7.5 million users in Poland

60% are between the ages of 18-34

32% have bought something thanks to an ad on TikTok (source: Open Mobi survey,

What is TikTok Ads?

TikTok is a very fresh platform that does not yet have the established patterns. It is an experimental space, but with a large user base and advertising opportunities, so it is impossible to say at this stage whether TikTok for an industry will work out sales-wise or whether it is a reach-only medium.

Where do the adverts appear?

TikTok Ads, like Facebook Ads, offers display ads in the space between users' organic content. Ads are therefore well blended into the app's structure and their reception is well perceived by users - as many as 58% of Polish TikTok users positively assess the presence of ads in the app (source: Open Mobi survey, 1.06.2021).

They are not intrusive, easy to skip, or interrupt the viewing of content, so…

Seize the opportunity!

An unquestionable advantage of investing in TikTok Ads is the low cost of impressions, which remains at PLN 2-3 per 1,000 impressions. With each year of development of this application, the cost is bound to increase, so it is worth investing and building your presence on this platform while it is still relatively cheap.

Advertising options

As part of its advertising activities, TikTok offers a range of options to design campaigns at almost every stage of the sales funnel. There are three formats available for purchasing advertising and several 'products' to choose from:

Projekt bez tytulu en 1

Across all formats and products, we can carry out activities in the following areas:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Interaction with the brand (Engagement)
  • Video Views
  • Generating traffic to the website or mobile application (Traffic)
  • Conversion
  • Spreading products across your objectives - we will select the best ones for you:
tiktok scheme en

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What do you gain by choosing Sempai?

Across all formats and products, we can carry out activities in the following areas:

  • You will be mentored by a dedicated account manager with general marketing experience who will ensure smooth communication between you and the specialist.
  • Your project will also be overseen by an agency supervisor who works at TikTok on a daily basis, allowing us to quickly resolve some potential issues or unlock the testing of features that are in beta testing.
  • We have a dedicated analytics department to help implement Pixel TikTok in development, making a campaign with a conversion target work more effectively.
  • You will get access to:
    - dedicated training sessions for our agency's clients, which are led by experts working at Facebook,
    - our in-house webinars e.g. effective export strategies, advertising opportunities on Facebook, etc.

Sempai Agency certificates and partnership

We are an official Facebook partner of the Meta Business Partner for Agency programme. As specialists, we can attest to our knowledge with certificates in various fields related to the Facebook Ads ecosystem.

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