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The largest shopping platforms offer the chance to reach a huge range of customers, but they are also the place where you have to face a lot of competition. If you want your offers to stand out from the competition – opt for a proven set of measures prepared by our top specialists.

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Why trust us?

We approach each project individually and holistically - each client receives an offer tailored to their specific needs and development plans. We ensure high quality and relevance scores for the auctions, so that we make recommendations as part of our audits from the very beginning of our cooperation. Everything is overseen by qualified specialists with extensive knowledge of the marketplace, digital marketing and analytics. In addition:

  • We have Allegro Ads Partner + status, which we have already achieved after just six months of activity on the platform! This is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our campaigns, enabling us to use the latest advertising solutions and tools, such as Allegro 4 Brands, not available to individual sellers.
  • We are transparent. Each month you will receive a clear report from us on the progress of the campaign and presenting the value of sales.
  • We educate. We periodically organise closed webinars just for our clients, in which we share knowledge to help them grow their business. Sempai specialists are regularly invited to educational events organised by Allegro for sellers.

Are your expectations even higher? Great! We also respond to other needs of your business.

We have 17 years of experience in e-commerce, so we serve to support you not only with paid campaigns but also with strategic ones, maximising your profits and providing a strong and above all permanent foundation. We will advise on pricing policy, constantly controlling and helping to optimise costs. We have a broad view of your business. We will help you select the right traffic sources and appropriately allocate budgets between them.

Allegro Ads

For most Poles, Allegro is synonymous with online shopping. But simply having a presence on this marketplace is not enough for sales success. To stand out from the millions of offers, advertising is essential. As an Allegro Ads Partner+ Agency, we give you a top-notch service, tailored to the needs of your business.

We give you comprehensive support in the race for customers on Allegro. Our specialists will set up your account, select the best keywords and

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create an effective campaign, which they will optimise to minimise costs and maximise profits. We are fully transparent - each month you will receive a detailed report summarising our activities.

Allegro Ads is an offer for both active and experienced sellers looking to strengthen their position, as well as for those whose adventure with this marketplace is just beginning.

Why use Allegro Ads?

Online sales are constantly growing, in 2020 the turnover from this form of commerce in Poland reached €15 billion! Despite this, your e-shop is not generating the expected profits? Perhaps too few customers know of its existence. An online presence alone is not enough, and fighting solely on price has long ceased to be effective and attractive.

In a single day, around 1.2 million products are sold on Allegro. Would you like yours to be among them? Take advantage of the opportunities offered by Allegro Ads.

Today, Allegro is a brand that almost all Internet users in Poland associate with. Estimates indicate that more than 40% of the Polish e-commerce market belongs to it. 20 million monthly users, 32 million transactions, and 164 million active listings. Allegro is the undisputed leader of the Polish e-commerce market and an important player on a European scale. It is therefore the perfect place to develop an e-business, not only complementary to an external e-shop, but based solely on sales in this marketplace. But how do you stand out from such huge competition to get to the next level of sales and register ever-increasing profit?

The solution is to run campaigns on the Allegro Ads network platform dedicated to sellers. They enable you to establish a quick and effective presence on the platform and promote your offer to reach the widest possible audience and achieve the best possible sales results.

What are Allegro Ads?

This advertising allows selected products to appear in the most prominent listing positions, even if the auction has not yet generated any sales.

Types of advertising:

  • Sponsored listings - allows your offer to be presented first in the most popular places on Allegro
  • Audience / Display Ads - will work well for brands that want to influence interest in their products and recognition.
  • Google Ads network - allows you to reach potential buyers on Google's search engine
  • Facebook Ads network - remarketing on Facebook will reach people who have already seen your offer

Advantages of Allegro Ads:

  • pay per click - advertising is billed in the PPC model (pay per click), i.e. a fee is only charged when someone clicks on the ad and goes to the offer page,
  • Increased sales - your products will be in the most sales-effective positions,
  • new product in sight - we can position new offers right from the start and help them reach buyers,
  • making the most of the season - we can increase the visibility of seasonal offers exactly when buyers are looking for them and be above the competition during the peak season

Allegro Ads Partner + Agency

Sempai Agency has the highest level of partnership with Allegro. This is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our activities, enabling us to use the latest advertising solutions and tools. By working together, we are able to carry out Allegro Ads 4 Brands activities that are not available to agencies without partner status.

Allegro account audit

Effective advertising is one thing, but it is equally important to prepare the auctions to be put up properly. Managing your account and making successful sales is much easier when you know what mistakes to avoid and what to improve. In order to attract potential customers to your products, you need to prepare your auctions on Allegro with due care.

A well-described and aesthetically pleasing offer will not only attract the attention of buyers, but will also encourage them to complete the transaction with you. It will also build a credible image for your shop. The customer will get exactly what he or she came to you for - essential product information presented in a way that is easy, accessible and leaves no room for doubt.

What will you obtain?

As part of your Allegro account audit, we will prepare:

  • auction titles with the best keywords,
  • recommendations for improving descriptions, photos, thumbnails, categories,
  • price recommendations based on competition,
  • analyses and recommendations for changes to the supply price list,
  • recommendations of offers worth promoting.

What will you gain due to the above?

  • specified guidance supported by data,
  • elimination of errors and shortcomings,
  • better visibility of the auctions on offer,
  • greater customer interest,
  • increased number of conversions.

What does an account audit involve?

We dedicate the professional audit of the Allegro account to both beginners and advanced sellers who want to constantly develop and improve their offer.

As part of a professional audit, our specialists will analyse your account in detail and propose proven and effective solutions, the implementation of which will allow you to reach an even wider customer base.

We will consider all components of the offer: titles, descriptions, layout, auction structure, prices and delivery methods. We will also compare competing offers and you will receive the results of the audit in the form of a report.

Comprehensive allegro service

More than 21 million Internet users in Poland visit Allegro at least once a month,

  • 1.5 hours - that's how much time the average user spends on Allegro,
  • 85% of respondents identify Allegro as the first spontaneously recognisable e-commerce brand. (data based on the "E-commerce Report 2022")

Whether you want to start selling on the largest Polish marketplace, or you already have an online shop and need help developing it - this offer is for you.

At Sempai, we offer a comprehensive service for your account. We know what to do to make Allegro a significant channel for your sales and profits.

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See what we have prepared for you!

As part of our comprehensive Allegro service, we provide:

  • preparation of a comprehensive, thorough audit of the vendor's account,
  • conducting paid activities via Allegro Ads based on an assumed return on investment,
  • cost analysis - suggestions and comments leading to a more efficient distribution of costs and thus improving business profitability,
  • assistance with the correct set-up (or full implementation*) of Baselinker, a sales management tool,
  • (individually) introducing new auctions, improving existing ones, working to improve the quality and relevance of the results.

    *agreed individually

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