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With content marketing, you will attract users to your e-shop and create an expert brand image. We know how to create valuable content that is Google search engine friendly, but without overlooking the value for the user. We don’t write for the sake of art – we set specific goals that we achieve with on-site and off-site content marketing

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The benefits your content marketing activities will bring you:

  • increased traffic to the website - through better visibility in the organic search results,
  • increasing brand awareness,
  • promoting products or services,
  • better user involvement,
  • building relationships with audiences,
  • creating an individual language of communication.

According to a report prepared by the Content Marketing Institute, up to 92% of companies consider content marketing their business advantage. 46% of marketers say they will intensify this type of activity in the coming year and more than 60% plan to increase their copywriting budget.

Explore Sempai Agency's strategy for content marketing

We tap out over a million characters every month! We have been involved in content marketing projects for over a dozen years - creating valuable content that sells. In the simplest terms, substantive content is content that is geared towards a specific effect, or more specifically, towards achieving your objectives, such as those listed above.

The valuable content we create responds to users' questions and needs. We are advocates of H2H, or Human to Human, writing. Our texts are a good read! We don't overload them with keywords - we know other ways to optimise effectively. We know very well what Google algorithms 'like' and what is better to avoid.

We get to know your needs and the goals you want to achieve before proceeding. We then prepare a work schedule. Our specialists carry out an SEO analysis and then provide detailed guidelines for the copywriting team.

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The first step is the brief. We get to know your business and together we set the objectives of your content marketing strategy and determine how we will measure and report on them.

Then - using a number of independent content marketing tools - we get to know your audience or potential customers and classify them into smaller groups. This will allow us to target them with maximally tailored, individual messages - the ones that produce the best results.

The third step is to plan the content - we specify the type of content, the amount of content, choose keywords, establish themes. Finally, we prepare a work schedule and content distribution channels.

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As a content marketing agency, we are well aware that content sells. That is why we have prepared 3 content service packages for you to help you achieve your goals:

  • SEO copywriting,
  • on-site content marketing,
  • off-site content marketing.

SEO Copywriting

At Sempai, we have a knack for performance content. In other words: we make content that sells. We pay particular attention to product descriptions and categories. It is an effective, if rather underrated, tool. With them you can, above all:

  • show off your offer and present the benefits of purchase,
  • navigate the customer through the successive stages of the purchase path,
  • position your website effectively and gain better positions in Google,
  • and create the space necessary to build trust.

Content marketing on-site

Good blog posts are one of the most effective tools to increase traffic to your website. You can use it to share knowledge and educate, review products or give advice on product selection. Having a blog will therefore help you to create your image as an expert and increase brand awareness.

Content marketing off-site

You come across a great guide to baking trays on your favourite portal. You bake banana breads in the evenings, so this is something for you! You probably won't even notice that the article contains a link to the manufacturer's website, discreetly embedded in the content. This is a so-called sponsored article. It looks innocuous, but can work real wonders.

A sponsored article is a form of advertising. It is purchased on an external, thematic portal and includes a link to the company's website, which is great for its position in Google. Such content appears on a huge number of sites.

At Sempai, we create sponsored articles that are much more than just an add-on to links. We write texts that are fun to read, guides that provide useful tips and studies that help the reader to become better acquainted with an issue - whatever the field.

And so we will create valuable content for your brand, in addition to suggesting suitable portals. One that is not only 'good for SEO', but also fits your target audience.

Product descriptions

A good product description is not only appropriately positioned in a search engine, but is also eagerly read by website users.

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If you want your website to be considered valuable by Google's robots, you need to fill it with high-quality content. However, writing texts purely for SEO, without considering the needs of the actual audience, is like hammering a nail with a stone. Apparently it works, but isn't it better to use a hammer?

Carefully thought out and creative content marketing is the ideal tool to create interesting content using essential keywords and capturing real queries from internet users. This way, your shop will not only show up high in search results, but will also interest potential customers and get them to take advantage of your offer.

Is a product description necessary?

A professional product description replaces the seller. What's more, it allows the goods to be experienced with all the senses, even though they are physically out of the customer's reach. By using writing techniques that affect the imagination and refer to familiar phenomena, we can create in the recipient's mind a vivid image of the offered article. In this way, we will compensate him for the lack of direct contact and assist him in his purchasing decision.

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A comprehensively and accurately described product is more likely to find its way into the order basket, both among customers practising online shopping and those not yet convinced.

Why is it worth outsourcing the preparation of product descriptions to professionals?

The number of pitfalls you can fall into and the conditions you need to meet in order to create a valuable product description in an online shop can be overwhelming. To deal with this painlessly and to achieve a tangible result, it is worth seeking professional help.
Our content marketing specialists provide descriptions of thousands of products on a daily basis, from baby blankets and photovoltaics to erotic toys and car accessories. At Sempai, we know exactly how to interest the viewer and meet the strict requirements of the Google search engine. We speak the language of benefits. And we don't just rest on our laurels, we keep updating our know-how. Check out what we can offer your business and see how creating product descriptions for your online shop can improve conversions and increase sales.

How else can we help you with your content activities?

  • we will analyse the current content that is on the site and prepare precise guidelines for its optimisation,
  • we will analyse your competitors' content,
  • we will develop media plans, i.e. plans for publishing content - if you want to do it yourself - and guidelines to help you prepare them.

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