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You can have incredible intuition and base your business on it alone. You can also trust the numbers, which never fail and never lie. Trust the hard data on your site. With Sempai Analytics, you will learn how to acquire data and how to put this knowledge into practice.

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If you can't measure it, you cant improve it.

~Peter Drucker

Approximately 7 out of 10 of our customers are not using Google Analytics to its full potential at the start of the cooperation! Many e-commerce and marketing managers admit they don't know:

what data they should be collecting and whether they are doing it correctly

which metrics to focus on and which ones it is safe to overlook

whether they draw the correct conclusions when analysing the data obtained

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the solutions and opportunities provided by web analytics allows for better business decisions.

But one step at a time: what is web analytics?

Web analytics is otherwise known as the process of extracting and analysing data from websites. As a result, you get detailed information about the traffic and behaviour of potential customers on your site in real time. I don't think we need to tell you how valuable this knowledge is! Thanks to the collected and analyzed data, you can improve your website: make changes within the website and optimize its individual elements, as well as carry out targeted advertising campaigns. "Boost" your conversion rate and improve your website's search engine visibility. Web analytics is therefore a pure advantage in the e-commerce industry and beyond.

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Web analytics - what exactly is its application?

Let's get down to specifics, though. How can you put e-commerce web analytics into practice?

By analysing the data:

  • you will detect errors on your website,
  • assess whether your advertising campaigns are effective,
  • you will find out who your customers are,
  • you will learn more about user behaviour on the site and identify the barriers they face,
  • as a result, you will improve your website.

Your website will perform better and faster and become as intuitive to use as possible. Visitors to your web pages will no longer face obstacles that could make them leave the sites, which will in turn motivate them to continue. In addition, you will get to know your potential customers and be able to create dedicated, personalised messages and solutions for them. With web analytics, you increase the chance that your decision-making and purchasing process will be successful!

The data book, or marketing analytics with Google Analytics

Data analysis and interpretation is only possible through the use of appropriate, sophisticated tools. Their skilful handling, experience and constantly updated knowledge are also key. Our specialists primarily use Google Analytics. It is a platform that enables you to gather information and gives you access to a huge amount of data that you can use to grow your business. The number of visits, unique users or average time spent on the site to name just a few.

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We can confidently say that our specialists know the solution inside out. Google Analytics in the hands of Sempai's analysts can become your secret weapon to drive change and smash your competitors.

With web analytics, you get to know and understand the user

Web analytics carried out with Google Analytics scans several important user-related areas.

Who is your user?

With web analytics, you get first and foremost ultra-accurate data on the people who visit your website. You will get to know their age, gender, place of residence, but also their interest categories or the technologies they use. You know very well that this information is invaluable for online shop owners!

Where did the user come to you from?

Acquisition data is another piece of the puzzle. They allow you to find out where and when your audience is coming from. Acquisition gives you a clear indication of which of your campaigns are working. Is it SEO website optimisation and positioning? Paid Google Ads campaigns? How about marketing campaigns run on social media or even a weekly newsletter? Analysing and interpreting this data will give you insight into user behaviour and allow you to develop a well-thought-out strategy for attracting new users - whether you are in the e-commerce industry or not.

How does a user behave on your website?

E-commerce analytics will also help you 'figure out' User Behaviour on the website. Which sub-pages are they interested in? What are they clicking on? Do they go through the entire purchasing process? At what point do they decide to leave the site? Do they return after leaving the site, and if so, what percentage of users do they return? What is the rejection rate? Web analytics in this sense serves, among other things, to catch errors, hot spots and optimise solutions.

Is the user doing what you intend for them to do?

The next stage of the customer's journey through the site is Conversion. Conversion will vary depending on what purpose you are running your site for. If you have an online shop, you are certainly keen on great sales results, which you will need a high conversion rate to achieve. This doesn't mean that you can't set other, additional goals and monitor the results. A conversion may involve, for example, filling in a form and asking a question, signing up for a newsletter or downloading a PDF of an offer. E-commerce analytics tools allow you to know the conversion rate regardless of the type of conversion, and to compare results from different segments or from different periods.

E-commerce analytics will improve your performance

In addition to this, you will analyse the campaigns run in different channels - from SEO, Google Ads or social media banner ads - compare their costs and the product sales results achieved. Clear as day you will be able to identify what works and what doesn't necessarily. By doing so, you will optimise your activities, reduce those that don't yield as good results and invest your time and money where you can expect great results.

Web analytics - what can we do for you?

Insights from more than 1,000 accounts allowed us to accurately diagnose recurring errors and deficiencies. We have translated these into concrete solutions in the form of 3 packages, which we offer depending on the needs of our clients.

Analytics consultations

Google Analytics configuration

Do you need someone to set up your Google Analytics account so that you can use the tool yourself? Are you looking forward to technical support for the tool's key features, or perhaps you want to customise a particular solution for your website? Our web analyst will set the machinery in motion and instruct you exactly what to do next and what to pay the most attention to.

Enhanced analytics for e-commerce

Are you looking for solutions to analyse the purchasing behaviour of existing and new customers? We have just the thing for you! With web analytics for e-commerce, you get everything that the previous package includes, plus access to detailed information on transactions, revenues or order values. You will learn all about the products displayed by the user, added to the basket -but also removed from it. If you choose this solution, we will provide you with detailed guidelines and suggestions for optimising your site - so that you can tailor it to your users and achieve increasingly better results.

Dedicated analytical implementation

This is the most extensive module. We provide you with the activities of the first two packages, plus analysis and interpretation of the results regarding your site's performance. Among other things, we focus on elements related to UX and conversion optimisation on the website. We implement the necessary solutions on your site and you get to watch the rising conversion bars.

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Google Analytics 4

Find out more detailed information on how to use the latest analytics tool from Google on a package-by-package basis:

Google Analytics configuration: GA4

A solution dedicated in particular to small online shops that want to enter the world of analytics and grow based on data. This service includes the configuration of both the most important functions of the tool and key individual adjustments

As part of the "Google Analytics Configuration: GA4" solution:

  • We will check that your website data is correctly collected by Google Analytics
  • We will verify that you have all the necessary data about the users who visit your website
  • We will check that there is sufficient detail in your Google Analytics account of all the traffic sources from which
  • users enter your website
  • We will tailor reports to your needs and business objectives
  • We will correctly implement the tracking of events, targets and alerts
  • We will launch an extended e-commerce module based on ready-made solutions

Enhanced analytics for e-commerce: GA4 + GTM

This is a solution for medium and large online shops with a software background, who are keen to fully implement a bespoke solution, but do not have the time to carry these activities out themselves.

As part of the 'Enhanced e-commerce analytics: GA4 + GTM' solution:

  • We will perform an audit of your existing analytics implementation
  • We will carry out the basic configuration of the service
  • We will prepare guidelines for the data layers for the extended e-commerce module
  • We will help you get in touch with the programmers
  • We will perform GA4 implementation with enhanced e-commerce using Google Tag Manager
  • We will start tracking basic and additional e-commerce events: purchase process events and form fills, newsletter sign-ups, clicks on phone numbers and emails, product additions to the clipboard (favourites)
  • Our implementation activities will result in a solid base for the flexible and efficient scaling of your online business

Dedicated implementation of Google Analytics 4

A dedicated analytical implementation is preceded by a detailed study of the needs as part of the initial consultation. In addition to the advanced configuration of Google Analytics in its fully developed form, it includes elements of UX, conversion optimisation and provides for the use of additional tools such as: Hotjar or Google Data Studio. It is a bespoke solution for large online businesses, with aspirations to become industry leaders extending to analytics.

As part of the "Dedicated implementation of Google Analytics 4" solution:

  • We will audit the correctness of the implementation of the existing analytics (UA audit + datalayers) and propose solutions to existing problems
  • We will perform a mapping of the data tracked in UA and translate the established structure into GA4
  • We will prepare an analytical workshop on the use of the tool and the mapping of events necessary for tracking
  • We will develop the full implementation of the tool: guidelines under datalayers, implementation of the extended e-commerce module, implementation of additional data tracking
  • We will provide you with analytical consultancy

Analytics consultations

If you are wondering what you really need to unlock the potential of your online advertising campaigns - we offer a consultation service in areas such as:

  • configuration of analytical tools
  • marketing reports
  • conversion optimisation

Get in touch, let's talk and together we can pave the way to a better use of data in your marketing activities.

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