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Advanced product campaignsbr>for e-commerce

The biggest benefit that the advertisers get from using our price comparison service is CPC lower up to 20%. This is because the cost of clicking on ads ” via Sempai ” is not affected by any additional technological margin, as is the case with other CSSs such as Google Shopping.

CSS Sempai Shop

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CSS Sempai Shop

The European Union antitrust ruling regarding Google Shopping

In June 2017 the European Commission imposed a record fine of 2.4 billion euros on Google for favouring its price comparison service at the expense of competitors in the Google search engine. The result of this fine is that the giant from Mountain View has allowed other price comparison engines to enter product advertising boxes.

In order to increase their share in the overall search results page display, advertisers using alternative CSS solutions are offered very favourable CPC rates by Google.

Comparison Shopping Services is a web service that collects product offers from e-sellers and redirects users who clicked on a Google product advertisement to the e-seller’s website in order to make a purchase.

CSS Sempai Shop – How does it work?

Product ads (PLA) can only be displayed as part of a price comparison service. Until recently, advertisers who wanted to increase sales through product campaigns could only use a Google product for this purpose. However, after a severe penalty imposed by the EC, Google allowed other comparison engines to auction product ads and now you can use any CSS service.

reklama produktowa Google


The biggest benefit of using our price comparison service for advertisers is that CPC rates are up to 20% lower. This is because the cost of clicking on ads “via Sempai” is not burdened with any additional technology margin as other CSSs, such as Google Shopping.

The only visible change resulting from the use of CSS Sempai Shop in product ads is the replacement of the link description redirecting to a product on your website from ” Via Google” to ” Via Sempai”:

Reklama produktowa Google 2

Entry strategies with CSS Sempai Shop:

Strategy #1:
Developmental – increasing sales while maintaining CPC levels


  • CPC rates and traffic quality unchanged
  • increase in the number of impressions/clicks (due to better exposure of ads)
  • increase in revenue (e.g. improvement of sales growth rate > 20%)
  • maintaining sales effectiveness (ROAS)

Strategy #2:
Cost-saving – reducing CPC rates when controlling the number of clicks


  • CPC rates are improved, e.g. reduced by 20% in 30-45 days without quality change
  • number of clicks unchanged
  • maintaining revenue at the current level
  • increase in sales effectiveness (ROAS), by maintaining revenue levels at lower costs

Strategy #3:
Expansionary – maximising the potential for revenue growth and clicks


  • revenue growth
  • increase in the number of impressions/clicks (due to better exposure of ads)
  • controlling sales effectiveness (ROAS)

Od aktywacji CSS przez Sempai w naszej kampanii produktowej CPC spadło o 19% . Postanowiliśmy przerzucić te oszczędności na dodatkowe kliknięcia, dzięki czemu sprzedaż z kampanii z miejsca wzrosła o ponad 30%.  Planujemy kontynuować naszą współpracę z Sempai, w tym sukcesywnie zwiększać budżety na kampanię produktową z wykorzystaniem Sempai Shop.

Jarek Rękas, Co-founder Orteo

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