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Advanced shopping campaigns
for e-commerce

Would you like to get better results from your product campaign? Take advantage of our improved ecosystem for PLA ads on Google! It’s a comprehensive service that gives you an advantage in the key elements of your campaign.


Sempai Merchant 360

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Advanced shopping campaigns
for e-commerce

PLA product ads in Google are among the most effective types of campaigns for the e-commerce industry. Due to its appearance in the search engine, that is, the image presenting a specific product and the price attached, the advertisement best reaches users at the very bottom of the purchase funnel – almost ready to buy.

Due to the high efficiency of PLA, you can expect a large and strong competition, and thus high cost per click in case of optimization deficiencies. Experience has also taught us that the default settings of the campaign are insufficient and do not allow you to take full advantage of the system and the store’s potential.

In response to these needs, we have turned the possibilities of improvements into concrete solutions that form an improved product advertising ecosystem – Sempai Merchant 360. It combines 3 components:

In response to these needs, we have turned the possibilities of improvements into concrete solutions that form an improved product advertising ecosystem – Sempai Merchant 360. It combines 3 components:

CSS Sempai Shop

It is a website that groups product offers from e-sellers. At the same time, it enables displaying them in the form of product ads on Google, traditionally redirecting users to the product page in an online store.

Benefits that we can guarantee you by using CSS Sempai Shop in PLA:

  • CPC lower by up to 20%!
    Clicks on ads “via Sempai” are not charged with any additional technology margin, as is the case with other CSSs such as Google Shopping.
  • Noticeable increase in the number of impressions and clicks!
    This is due to better exposure of advertisements in product boxes – with the same or even lower declared CPC.

More information about CSS Sempai Shop is available: HERE

Sempai Merchant

The heart of the Sempai Merchant 360 system is our original tool for supporting automation in the construction, development and optimization of PLA campaigns.

Its use relieves the advertiser from the technical aspects of campaign construction, maintenance and development. It enables strategic decisions and actions, optimization with automation options and incorporation of proven good practices.

Benefits that we can guarantee you by using Sempai Merchant in PLA:

  • The campaign is built automatically based on selected product attributes. The advantage for you is the transparency of the structure, giving you the possibility of easy analysis of details in both Google Ads and Analytics.
  • The system actively checks, catches and immediately reports errors in the product feed. This way your campaign will not lose its effectiveness even for a moment.
  • Our tool allows you to conduct and optimize on an advanced level your campaign based on the purchase funnel. You will reach those customers you care about, at the various stages of their purchasing decisions.

Sempai Agency

Automation does its job, but the key to the success of the system is the human element, that is, allowing an experienced specialist to control and really influence the campaign automation process.

The advantages you gain by entrusting our agency with managing your product campaign

  • Google Premier Partner
    We are in the elite group of 2% of agencies in the world, which were the first to receive the status of Google PREMIUM Partner. This gives us access to Google’s technological solutions during beta testing, which allows us to always be one step ahead of our competitors.
  • 12 years of experience
    For over 12 years we have been helping online shops to develop their sales over the Internet. During this time we have developed an effective model of cooperation between the agency and the client and we have specialised in conversion marketing for e-shops.

Od aktywacji CSS przez Sempai w naszej kampanii produktowej CPC spadło o 19% . Postanowiliśmy przerzucić te oszczędności na dodatkowe kliknięcia, dzięki czemu sprzedaż z kampanii z miejsca wzrosła o ponad 30%.  Planujemy kontynuować naszą współpracę z Sempai, w tym sukcesywnie zwiększać budżety na kampanię produktową z wykorzystaniem Sempai Shop.

Jarek Rękas, Co-founder Orteo

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