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Stable and secure position growth

Listings visible at the top of organic search results guarantee constant and stable increase in website traffic. But only experienced specialists know how to acquire the most valuable and non-random users, as well as how to avoid being penalized by Google. Trust us with your SEO campaign – we’ve been doing this for over 12 years, during which we successfully worked on hundreds of projects.

Positioning and optimization

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Stable and secure position growth

Search engines have become the main place on the Internet to begin the search for information about products and services. Because of its little invasive form and precise answer to the needs and interests of potential customers, Internet users put their trust in this type of promotion.

Positioning your website will bring you:

  • increase in valuable web traffic
  • new e-shop users and customers
  • boost in Internet sales
  • better brand recognition

We provide comprehensive services related to website positioning and optimization:

  • help in developing an SEO strategy
  • analysis of the website content
  • keywords analysis
  • website content and structure optimization, linkbuilding
  • creating microsites, monitoring the results
  • analysis of the positioning effects

Od aktywacji CSS przez Sempai w naszej kampanii produktowej CPC spadło o 19% . Postanowiliśmy przerzucić te oszczędności na dodatkowe kliknięcia, dzięki czemu sprzedaż z kampanii z miejsca wzrosła o ponad 30%.  Planujemy kontynuować naszą współpracę z Sempai, w tym sukcesywnie zwiększać budżety na kampanię produktową z wykorzystaniem Sempai Shop.

Jarek Rękas, Co-founder Orteo

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