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Do you want the users interested in the products available in your offer come to you, and not your competitors?

Trust us with running Google ADS campaign. We are a member of an elite group of PREMIUM agencies, which proves the best quality of our services.

Search Campaigns

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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

How do campaigns in search engines work?

Text campaigns in search engine are one of the most popular and most effective advertising activities. Since they appear as a response to the users enquiries, you know for sure that the right content will reach only the people interested in it.

On different steps of a sales funnel the users enter into a search engine their enquiries that are on different levels of specificity. It is often ignored by less experienced advertisers. We take advantage of this knowledge in order to make the campaign even more effective and adjust the keywords to the needs and targets of the campaign.

Why us?

We belong to an elite group of 2% Polish SEM agencies posessing Google Premier Partner status. We have over 12 years of experience in conducting advertising campaigns in search engines. We currently cooperate with almost 300 customers from various industries, which enabled us to work out some good practices in terms of:

  • planning a campaign and ads group structure
  • selecting keywords and their match
  • adjusting CPC rates in segments

We know what will work well in particular industry, what should be ruled out right at the beginning, and on what exactly we should focus.

Campaigns for e-commerce

As for sales oriented e-commerce, we recommend more selective actions, such as:

  • focus on segments with the highest sales potential in the first place, taking into account the cross section of the offer – specific products, manufacturers, brands
  • work on templates using product feed, types of product and other, both basic and non-standard attributes
  • in accordance with customer’s knowledge and suggestions, they will be handed over at the offer stage and in a brief at the start of the campaign

Od aktywacji CSS przez Sempai w naszej kampanii produktowej CPC spadło o 19% . Postanowiliśmy przerzucić te oszczędności na dodatkowe kliknięcia, dzięki czemu sprzedaż z kampanii z miejsca wzrosła o ponad 30%.  Planujemy kontynuować naszą współpracę z Sempai, w tym sukcesywnie zwiększać budżety na kampanię produktową z wykorzystaniem Sempai Shop.

Jarek Rękas, Co-founder Orteo

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