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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

Do you want the users interested in the products available in your offer come to you, and not your competitors?

Trust us with running Google ADS campaign. We are a member of an elite group of PREMIUM agencies, which proves the best quality of our services.

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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

How do PLA campaigns work?

Product Listing Ads campaigns are dedicated to e-commerce businesses as they allow showing the ads of specific products available in the store offer in the search results.

Using ads with a photo of the product, its price and the name of the store where it may be found gives the user a possibility to preliminarily compare the offers in Google search engine. Because of this, the conversion rates and an average cost of acquiring the transaction are on a clearly much better level, comparing to other advertising options.

What exactly does it look like?

PLA uses the information about the products and their attributes sent in data files to Google Merchant Center. By clicking on an ad, the user is transferred to a site showing the advertised product (product page).

Your ad will be displayed to people who search for the products that you have in your offer, or very similar ones, increasing the likelihood of purchasing them.

Why us?

We belong to an elite group of 2% Polish SEM agencies posessing Google Premier Partner status. It gives us earlier access to new options introducd by Google, oftentimes being in the test phase. It allows us to be ahead of our competitors.

We have over 12 years of experience in conducting advertising campaigns in search engines for over 200 customers from a variety of industries. We worked out good practices in segmentation and optimization of this type of campaigns, which allows us to generate extraordinary turnovers.
They include: segments of chosen brands and products, excluding keywords, adjustments in RLSA (remarketing in search network or PLA), and others.

We stay up to date and monitor all new options that appear on Polish market, as well as the guidelines on ads regulations, product feeds and Google Merchant Center.
We take 120% out of each such option!

We started our cooperation with Sempai in April 2015 and due to its high quality of this cooperation and satisfactory effects, we still continue it to date. The areas of our cooperation include: SEO, Adwords campaigns (PLA, YouTube and remarketing) and Facebook ADS.

What we appreciate the most is a professional business attitude towards every campaign, great metering of activities, keeping desired paybacks from the investment and the possibility of scaling the activities and our store.

We most definitely recommend cooperation with Sempai in the abovementioned areas.


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