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Do you want to expand your e-business overseas?


Use our services!

We are competent in strategic and operational export consulting.


Export campaigns

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Export campaigns

Your business is a success on Polish market and you consider expanding to other countries as well? Don’t know how to prepare for foreign markets expansion?

Contact us! We possess strategic and operational competencies in export consulting


We are experienced in conducting export campaigns

We successfully run export campaigns in native languages on 4 continents:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia

When it comes to Europe, our ads reach:

  • Western Europe: Belgium, the Netherland, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
  • Middle Europe: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
  • Eastern Europe: Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia
  • the Baltic countries: Latvia, Estonia
  • and the Nordic countries

Sempai Export Guru

As one of only a few SEM agencies in Poland, we take part in Google “Export Guru” program. It gives us access to advanced analytic tools, thanks to which entering the foreign markets is much easier.

Stages of our cooperation in terms of export campaigns:

  1. Analysing target markets – we carry out analyses and consultations to choose and prioritize potential new markets
  2. Setting targets and creating a strategy – we choose appropriate advertising options, depending on targets, competitiveness on a given market or a time horizon
  3. Planning a budget – budget planning depends on the chosen targets and strategy
  4. Selecting targeting methods – depending on the target group, we choose keywords in search network, recipients, topics and other targeting mechanisms in advertising network
  5. Creating advertising messages – we create them in cooperation with Google specialists – native speakers. We also offer a comprehensive service for dedicated graphic creations and advertising videos
  6. Monitoring and optimizing campaigns – we launch a campaign and constantly optimize it basing on specific data
  7. Reporting campaign results – we report the results in a format compliant with defined targets and success indicators
  8. Analysing results and making corrections – we provide analysis and support for targets and directions of development of the campaign in a longer period of time

We started our cooperation with Sempai in April 2015 and due to its high quality of this cooperation and satisfactory effects, we still continue it to date. The areas of our cooperation include: SEO, Adwords campaigns (PLA, YouTube and remarketing) and Facebook ADS.

What we appreciate the most is a professional business attitude towards every campaign, great metering of activities, keeping desired paybacks from the investment and the possibility of scaling the activities and our store.

We most definitely recommend cooperation with Sempai in the abovementioned areas.


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