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Do you want the users interested in the products available in your offer come to you, and not your competitors?
Trust us with running Google ADS campaign. We are a member of an elite group of PREMIUM agencies, which proves the best quality of our services.

DoubleClick Search

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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

DoubleClick Search is a tool that allows to manage elaborate marketing campaign in a search engine more effectively. Thanks to DoubleClick Search (in all types of campaigns), reaction time for changes in the assortment is limited to a minimum. It allows to better control previously set targets and necessary payback level. Campaigns that are conducted with DoubleClick Search are perfect for on-line businesses where information about products, their availability, prices or other details change dynamically.

Thanks to DoubleClick Search:

  • we will adjust advertising message to individual advertised products, taking into account their prices and descriptions
  • we will all the time create or eliminate compaigns targeting specific keywords, depending on the assortment which, at the given time, turned up or is no longer available in the warehouse
  • we will significantly increase your income, by expanding keywords that describe individual products in the assortment, taking into account their brands, categories, etc.

Without a doubt, above mentioned possibilities outclass those given by the panel or Google ADS editor. DoubleClick Search reports data at real time, so it enables us to react immediately to emerging deals, and also to some problems that may occur.

WearCo Sp. z o.o. cooperated with Sempai in the area of AdWords campaign audit in May 2015.

After carrying out the audit of the AdWords campaign, the agency proposed and made necessary changes on the ad account, in cooperation with our internal SEM department.
The assumptions on the planned effects, made at the time of the audit and campaign analysis, were met. Thanks to the suggested changes, WearCo noted the improvement of the key indicators of AdWords campaign effectiveness.

Cooperation between the agency and our internal SEM department worked really well.
We were also content with the contact with Sempai project coordinator. We recommend Sempai services in terms of search engines campaigns.

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