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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

Do you want the users interested in the products available in your offer come to you, and not your competitors?

Trust us with running Google ADS campaign. We are a member of an elite group of PREMIUM agencies, which proves the best quality of our services.

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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

In Google ads network you can connect with customers using ads of a variety of formats available in a whole digital world. The network includes more than 2 million websites that are visited by over 90% of all Internet users. It is therefore possible to reach the users who browse through their favourite websites, show a YouTube video to a friend, check their Gmail account or use apps or mobile versions of a website.

Advanced targeting options

GDN offers a vast number of possibilities in terms of ads formats and target websites to display those ads. It is therefore crucial to combine targeting methods skilfully and match them with previously assumed targets.

Depending on the needs and expected effects, we combine different targeting methods:

  • topic targeting – aims to show ads on lots of websites on a given topic
  • words or phrases targeting – focuses on words or phrases related to the products or services that appear on websites and apps in the advertising network
  • user-based targeting – displays the ads to a previously defined group of users who visit websites and apps in the advertising network
  • remarketing – shows the ad to the users who have already visited your website or used your app
  • placement targeting – shows the ad on specific websites
  • language and location targeting
  • devices targeting

Thanks to posessing the knowledge of all targeting methods and knowing how to combine them skilfully, we are able to reach the target group in order to create a demand for a given product.

Why us?

We belong to an elite group of 2% Polish SEM agencies posessing Google Premier Partner status.

We have over 12 years of experience in conducting GDN campaigns for over 200 customers from a variety of industries. We know what works well in specific cases, what targeting options should be ruled out right at the start of the campaign, and what we should put our focus on.

We started our cooperation with Sempai in April 2015 and due to its high quality of this cooperation and satisfactory effects, we still continue it to date. The areas of our cooperation include: SEO, Adwords campaigns (PLA, YouTube and remarketing) and Facebook ADS.

What we appreciate the most is a professional business attitude towards every campaign, great metering of activities, keeping desired paybacks from the investment and the possibility of scaling the activities and our store.

We most definitely recommend cooperation with Sempai in the abovementioned areas.


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