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Quickly, efficiently, measureably


Do you want the users interested in the products available in your offer come to you, and not your competitors?

Trust us with running Google ADS campaign. We are a member of an elite group of PREMIUM agencies, which proves the best quality of our services.

Google ADS campaigns

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Quickly, efficiently, measureably

How does the management of Google Ads campaign work?

Google ADS works on the basis of PPC payment model (Pay Per Click). The costs of individual clicks vary significantly depending, among others, on competitiveness of the phrase and the position of an ad. Promotion in GDN (Google Display Network) works similarly to Google ADS in paid search results. The difference is a display not on Google search engine websites, but on other websites related to promoted phrases (for example on the Internet forum, blogs, etc.), which are a part of Google Partners Network. The payment model is analogical, and the costs of individual clicks are usually lower.

Advantages of Google ADS campaign/ad:

  • you don’t have to wait long for the effects
  • you have full control over the process and costs of the campaign
  • your ad is guaranteed to be emmitted (providing it complies with Google regulations)
  • you have a possibility to diversify the message depending on the profile
  • interference with website structure is not necessary

What distinguishes us?

We are a certified Google ADS Partner. The certificate guarantees possessing the knowledge of current possibilities of Google ADS system, as well as specificities and trends of a successful running and optimizing the campaign. Thanks to the certification, we can offer a free, 600 PLN worth a coupon for an ad in Google, which will increase a budget for clicks (this applies to the companies that haven’t used Google ADS program).

Why should I pay for campaing management?

Google ADS system allows you to create and manage a campaign by yourself. Do you wonder why you should then pay us for running the campaign?
Thanks to our experience and the knowledge of tools such as: Google ADS Editor, Google keyword tool, ads placement and ads diagnostic tool, we are able to manage Adwords campaign faster and more efficiently than unexperienced users of this program.

Some arguments to support our competencies:

  • we know and understand the mechanism of determining the quality score which, thanks to optimization of ads and keywords, allows to obtain higher positions and pay for clicks less than competitors
  • we are familiar with the specifics of launching a campaign, which, taking into account a strong competition, requires a skillful word selection and maneuvering the CPC rates, so that you won’t overpay and at the same time won’t be left out
  • we realize how important account history is in setting the quality score. That’s why we can’t afford to take rash attempts and actions that could effectively “ruin” the account and lower the chance of successful competition with other advertisers in the future
  • we optimize campaigns consequently for chosen strategy by constantly carrying out analyses and taking into account the indicators from Google Analytics statistics. All the time we eliminate the weakest ads and phrases by moving the resources to those that generate the most valuable traffic.

Our cooperation with Sempai started in April 2017. They took over activities related to positioning of our website from a previous agency very smoothly. We are very content with the work they do and recommendations they give us. We appreciate their understanding in situations when, for technical or business reasons, implementing those recommendations is not possible. In such moments we try to find a satisfactory solution together, taking into account the limitations and also targets we’d like to achieve.

Cooperation with the agency runs smoothly mainly because of great contact with people working on our project. It is clear that positioning is not only their job, but also their passion.

We value timely, montlhy reports and the access to tools that monitor the position of our service. It is thanks to them that we are sure that the project is in good hands and we can check our position at any time.

Having worked with a few agencies that specialize in positioning, we can definitely recommend Sempai in terms of SEO activities. It is a reliable company with people who know what they’re doing.


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