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Higher positions + bigger loyalty

Content Marketing will attract the users to your e-shop and create professional image of your brand. Our experience in performace allows us to create Google-friendly content that is also valuable to a user. We set specific targets which we achieve with content marketing, both on-site and off-site.

Content marketing off-site

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Higher positions + bigger loyalty

We will help your brand reach “outside” and get recognizable by potencial customers.
As part of this option, we will promote the content created especially for you on popular sites and blogs. It will increase traffic on your website, as well as interactions of the users with your company. We will also monitor the content related to your brand.

The offer includes:

  • preparing a startegy of entries publication
  • choosing topics and target web services
  • creating entries publication schedule
  • getting in touch and negotiating with publishers
  • selecting the photos and publishing entries
  • reports of effectiveness (number of views and redirections, mentions in social network

Why should you trust us with content marketing of your business?

We are characterized by:

  • experience – we’ve been helping our customers to enter the web for over 10 years
  • effects-oriented approach – as we also specialize in performance marketing, numbers are the most important to us
  • comprehensive services – SEO is our bread and butter, which means that we know how to write a text that will help your site reach the top in search results
  • reativity – we don’t like standard solutions, we create our own patterns

Check other options of Content Marketing services necessary to succeed on the Internet:

  • SEO Copywriting
  • On-site content marketing

We started our cooperation with Sempai in April 2015 and due to its high quality of this cooperation and satisfactory effects, we still continue it to date. The areas of our cooperation include: SEO, Adwords campaigns (PLA, YouTube and remarketing) and Facebook ADS.

What we appreciate the most is a professional business attitude towards every campaign, great metering of activities, keeping desired paybacks from the investment and the possibility of scaling the activities and our store.

We most definitely recommend cooperation with Sempai in the abovementioned areas.


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