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Content Marketing will attract the users to your e-shop and create professional image of your brand. Our experience in performace allows us to create Google-friendly content that is also valuable to a user. We set specific targets which we achieve with content marketing, both on-site and off-site.

Content Marketing

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Higher positions + bigger loyalty

Persvasive advertising no longer works the way we would like it to. Internet users get more demanding and resistant to spam messages. What is then the best way to attract customers in the web? That’s exactly the job for content marketing – a strategy to create content that is the best and most useful, both to the user and SEO mechanisms. Not only will it allow you to attract potential customers to your business, but also to build a professional image of your brand.

Advantages of content marketing:

  • you will generate even 3 times more leads (comparing to traditional marketing)
  • you will build a network of loyal customers
  • you will increase traffic on your site
  • you will create an image of a professional
  • you will create an active community around your brand

We are perfectly aware that
a good idea + valuable content = a click and acquiring a new client

That’s why we prepared 3 options of services necessary to succeed on the Internet:

  • SEO Copywriting
  • On-site content marketing
  • Off-site content marketing

Od aktywacji CSS przez Sempai w naszej kampanii produktowej CPC spadło o 19% . Postanowiliśmy przerzucić te oszczędności na dodatkowe kliknięcia, dzięki czemu sprzedaż z kampanii z miejsca wzrosła o ponad 30%.  Planujemy kontynuować naszą współpracę z Sempai, w tym sukcesywnie zwiększać budżety na kampanię produktową z wykorzystaniem Sempai Shop.

Jarek Rękas, Co-founder Orteo

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